Friday, October 24, 2008

Is it too much to ask?

With all that's going on in the world, I have a pretty simple question...

Is it too much to ask for a good hair day?

This time last year - not bad, but a little flat.
Thanksgiving last year. Again, not bad.

Whoah. Red much?

How I look through most of the summer. This was after a day of moving and spreading 800 pounds of dirt. Shorter and the red had washed out.

In Cabo San Lucas. I see a problem starting to develop. Dark roots and light ends.
Yesterday... I went to volunteer in my son's classroom. His teacher noticed my hair was a bit 'green.' Truth be told - it was. I'd dyed my hair a darker brown and it didn't take, leaving me with grey-green hair.

This morning...
Last night my husband applied a bottle of Color Oops... it takes out the 'bad' color leaving what's left of your natural color. I do like the color much, much better. The cut needs some work, though. And seeing the last two pictures is making me rethink my stance that I don't need makeup.

After I got done drying my hair my husband asked why I color my hair.
Because I'm vain.
And shallow.

Afterall, this whole post is about my hair.

Have a great weekend! We're looking for snow on Sunday.


Nat said...

I must say I do like you better as a blonde. I have curly hair and it rarely looks decent. Alas.

Make-up, well make-up just seems like a waste of time... maybe I can cheat just a little when the camera is out...

zeghsy said...

he asked why and he's still breathing on his own? wow. nice.

i color. but i'm currently darker than my natural color. i did it for halloween and to welcome in the fall. i'm thinking about some red soon. we'll see.

Joe said...

re: the barbecue sauce below...

Got a recommendation?

I'm always lookin'.

P.S. Your hair looks fine.

Mitzi Green said...

snow? snow??? and you want me to come up there to visit? you're funny.

Bryan said...

a bit 'green.' Hahaha. I know all about that! Oh my gosh, it was awful. The closest thing I can compare it to is poo in a diaper!! I ended up dying it black to fix it and that caused another dilemma. So I shaved my head.

Your hair looks similar in color and texture to mine (your real color). Don't go anywhere near a color that says "ASH". Your hair will end up.. ICK.

I don't just play a beauty consultant on the internet... I took the course! (in real life! I did! Honest!) I needed to know how to fix my hair! I'm not a "people person" so that isn't my profession.

I found some dye in the freaking dollar store a bit ago. I like it. went back and bought 6 boxes. The ingredients probably lie tho. Probably full of lead.

Hair color.... It makes an impression. I went to a show tonight.. "Hey! I remember you! You're the guy with the blue hair!"

*snicker* I guess people would remember that.

klasieprof said...

I color cause I don't like gray and don't like looking how OLD I really am! I have more energy than my 'real' color gives me credit for.

SO happy for your sister and baby.

Tree said...

You do not need makeup! I don't think so, anyway - not with those bright blue eyes. I like the shorter 'do on you, too.