Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I don't know why they call it "Stay at Home" Mom


You'd think with all this running, my butt would be a lot smaller: the gym, Target, the butcher, the fabric store...

And until four years ago, I did all this and worked 40 hours a week.

Yes. Four Years.

I was looking through my archives, trying to find the exact stay-at-home-date, but I got caught up in the fact that a year ago I was taking my youngest to the burn center.

Does that ever bring back memories.


Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of projects I've taken on.

I need to go through and make a list.


Fortunately, today is a crappy, rainy day - perfect for putzing around the house.



Leeanthro said...

That was an entire year ago? Wow, time flies!

Tree said...

It's been four years! Wow. I think you love your gig.

I am so glad you are past the event of last year.

Anonymous said...

I hear you.
Stay at home...I wish.
My day flies with all the
to do lists and errands...
then kids come home and it
is the whole evening routine.

OUCH. That was already a year ago!!!


Sarah said...

I still read your blog daily - and I'm also a "SAHM", I had a 40 hour a week job, a grade school age child, and commuted to work 40 min away just merely 2.5 years ago!!

I'm with you - I should totally be in shape with all the running that gets done!!! Yet I still find myself waiting til the last minute to even take a bathroom break in between tasks!

Joe said...


I have a favor to ask.

My sister's birthday is coming up. She is really into scrapbooking. As you may have guessed from my blog, I am not.

Do you know anything about scrapbooking? Do you know any websites?

I'm kind of lost, and you were the "craftsy-est" person I could think of...
Shoot me an email if you have a minute.

Hope I am not imposing.


(PS Montana is beautiful. You probably wouldn't regret your road trip.)