Monday, September 08, 2008

And it's Monday.

Saturday morning I called my sister... "Look like a beautiful day for a drive."

She replied, "I love that story."

I made it to her place by about 12:30 and spent the night. Overall, she seems well, but tires quickly and is resting a lot. I did play with 'the babies' - they're 18 months old and full of it. She's repeating her 24 hour pee test and reports back to the doctor on Wednesday. Fingers are crossed.

Today I'm trying to catch up on my to-do's - I've been contacted to make a library bag and a checkbook cover. I'm also doing a masculine quilt with 1880's reproduction fabric and finally have the rest of the fabric - I think. It will be a 'Bento Box' style quilt in tan, brown, and black - what I have done looks great. Part of the fabric for it:

Not to mention the two quilts I'm finishing for my sister.

And I found this one. Love it. Can't wait to make it.

Really it's the first day of preschool, and I'm trying to ignore the fact that my toddler left me with barely a backward glance. Boo hoo.



MamaMaven said...

Hope preschool went well for both of you. That Merry Go round quilt is da bomb!

Nat said...

Oh I do love those fabrics. I got my purse/tote on Sat.!! It's lovely... thank you so much. :)

Sarah said...

I'm excited! I want a library bag!! Will you sell them on Etsy?

Bryan said...

Oh! I think I want something made of that lovely period fabric!!

I love that colorful quilt also. It's a bit too wild for me though...

All those colors make me imagine what happens in my nutty Aunt's head!!! (she's a bit unusual)