Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom! What else can I say?

What a lucky girl I am to have you for a mom.

I mean seriously, is there a 'right' way to thank your mom? As a mom now, I can begin to understand - though I still have the pre-teen and teen and 20-something and 30-something before me, I get it about being the mom of babies and kids.

Going around, feeling like your heart is outside your chest? I get it. The late night feedings, soothing the scary dreams in the night, the inevitable cuts, bumps, and bruises? I get it. Sending them off to school on the big yellow bus, waiting until they're gone to cry? I get it.

I can only imagine what is waiting for me - high school, first date, a wedding.
But you? You did it all in magnificent style. Calm, cool and collected. You allowed me to make mistakes, and were there to pick up the pieces. You gave me a great foundation to start my own life. You lead by example.

Growing up, you never tried to be my friend. You were my mom. That was your job. Over the years, we've morphed from more that mother and daughter, but to friends. I can talk to you about things now I wouldn't have dared while growing up. I know I can call you any time, day or night, and you'll be there for me - As only a mother can.

I can only hope to do as well for my kids as you did for me. After all, you did a kick-ass job with me.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Make 60 something special.


MamaMaven said...

Nice tribute and much of what I've been thinking, my Mom turned 60 last week!

Army Wife said...

I should not be surprised your mom is a foxy loxy....

happy b-day!