Sunday, June 29, 2008

T.I.R.E.D spells tired

I have been busy. Aren't we all.

The last 48 hours have been like a very busy vacation.

It has just been two of us - my Big Girl and Me.

Let me step back. Several weeks ago, before the broken arm, we discovered that she had the state qualifying tourney the same weekend my husband has a golf tourney with his dad six hours away. We compromised that he would take The Boy and The Toddler there, and I would keep the Big Girl here. Then she broke her arm. He wanted us all to go, I insisted that she made a commitment to the team. After taking a week off, she's been to every other practice and game, in her uniform, cheering her team on.

They left Friday at 1:15 pm. We scampered in the house and after giggling for five minutes, left at 1:20, only to get back home at 7 pm.

It was her call. What did she want to do with only me?

No others to whine and nag.

No others to suck up all the oxygen.

Just Us.

First, it was a pedicure for me and painted fingernails and toenails for her. We now sport matching blue-green toenails with white flowers. Then, off to find a new Webkinz. After that, a couple dishtowels for a cute purse pattern I found for her to make. A late lunch - she had mini-cheeseburgers, I had a BBQ chicken pizza. Then off to the craft store for purse handles, then the fabric store. We finished up at Target, then home to order pizza delivered.

Yesterday was the first day of the tournament. The first game was at 9:30 am, coach wanted them there at 9. The field was 45 minutes away. We rode with our neighbor and her daughter - it was nice to be chauffeured around.

The girls lost a close game - by one in extra innings. The second game went much better - they one by 3. By the third game they were beat - the day consisted of off and on showers - and by showers I mean pelting cold rain. The lost the third game, but rumor has it the teams that went 0-2 in the double elimination tournament do not go to state - everyone else does. That means in two weeks - the girls are going to the state tourney.

We got home last night, after pizza with the team, around 8:15. But. But one of the coaches said, "Come on over" and we (and nearly every other girl) did.

I corralled her in, and we picked up ice cream for the ride home.

We still have two more days.

What to do... Oh, what to do...



Builder Mama said...

Sounds like a great day! Can't wait to hear what the two of you end up doing with the rest of the weekend.

Karen said...

Ooh, what I'd do for a day like that! Sounds like you had great fun.

Mitzi Green said...

what to do...i'm asking myself that question, as this week, i'm taking the "vacation" from adventure club to give us a financial break--meaning i'll have both boys home all week. so i'm researching free and nearly-free activities one can do with a 6 1/2 year old and a 5 1/2 week old.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a fellow mother of 3.........SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN :)


Nat said...

Gotta love quality time with the kidlets when you don't have a jam-packed schedule. :)

Tree said...

That is awesome!!