Monday, June 30, 2008

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...

My parents have lived in the same house for 32 years. During that time, the neighbors changed very little. The 'next' door (just a hop, skip and a jump through the pine trees) neighbor's son and his wife recently adopted a little girl.

Let me back up. They were married about two years ago and just a year into their marriage were pregnant. It was all fine and good, until they lost the baby. I'm not sure how far along she was, but I think it was far enough to classify as a stillborn baby (versus a miscarriage). They were devastated.

A bit of time goes by, and they register with a local adoption agency. The kind where they fill out a profile and the mother chooses.

They waited three months and were chosen.

Three months.

Some people wait three years.

There must have been something in what they wrote, because they got a call there was a baby at the hospital for them a month and a half ago.

They met her when she was four hours old, named her Grace, and have been her mom and dad ever since.

Needless to say, they are over the moon.

I asked my mom what they 'needed,' as I immediately started picturing a quilt in my head. Mom said not much, as they had most everything from the baby they lost, but what they really needed was money. Cold hard cash. Adoption is not free, and I'm sure they were thinking they had a little more time to save up some money.

On my seven mile jaunt yesterday, I had a little time to think.

What if I auctioned a quilt? Or better yet do a raffle - with tickets for $5 each? Would anyone be willing to pimp it out for me? Or just go for an outright sale?

This would go to the winner...
It's just the top, I'm going to try and get the quilting done tomorrow.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone want to buy it?

I named the quilt Amazing Grace.



Karen said...

What a lovely idea. The quilt is beautiful. Grace is such a lovely name too, it's Maddie's middle name and also the song I had walking down the aisle.

I won't take part as things postal and financial across the pond complicate things, but I reckon you should set a reserve and sell it to the highest bidder.

Mitzi Green said...

it's gorgeous and i wish i could (both because i like it and for the cause behind it), but as you know, we're tightening up the purse strings ourselves. good luck--i'm sure you won't have trouble finding a buyer.

Tree said...


You know I have wanted one for J. I love the colors for this as well as the purpose. It's simply beautiful, as is their story.

Nat said...

What a wonderful idea. It's beautiful. But I'll let Tree have it. (I'd have been up for the raffle.)

BlueBella said...

I'd go for a raffle and even pimp it out for you, too. Pimping for a good cause makes me tingley:)

Leeanthro said...

How gorgeous! You are the graceful one to think of such a thing to do for this family.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Did it go to Tree? If not, let me know and I will pimp an auction for you.

What a wonderful story! xox