Thursday, June 12, 2008

In other news...

I spent most of yesterday just trying to get caught up.

Laundry, mostly.

Six loads of laundry were in baskets -

Some folded.

Some not. And yes, there's another load in the dryer.

But all clean and needing to be put away.

I like having clean clothes, it just getting them there that drives me a bit crazy. I'm really good at starting a load, washing it, and getting it in the dryer. That's where I falter a bit. I have a bad tendency to 'not hear' the buzzer at the end of the dryer's cycle. When I go back to check on them, they're dry but I just want to fluff them 'a minute or two' before getting them out. I usually fluff each load, um... more than once before getting them out.

Last night I cowboyed up and got the clothes folded and put away.

Today? Today is a new day.

Viola - my new clothes line. It folds for easy storage (read: it's not sitting out there all the time driving my husband crazy), and I dug the hole for the quick-crete in the landscaping rocks (read: there isn't a concrete circle in our green yard). Also, it's better for the clothes and the enviroment. Go me.


Other fun stuff, because we know how dazzling talking about laundry is-

Homemade dress for the Toddler...

Homemade whip (a la Indiana Jones) for the boy...

There are very specific rules for the whip - only hit the ground and rocks. No people.

The girl with a broken wing is continuing to get better. She spent most of yesterday doing one of her favorite things...

Watching TV in the garage. Hey, it gets her out of the house - right?!?


Loralee Choate said...

You got your clothes line! Yay!!!
That dress looks adorable and? I am SOOOOO bad at the folding and putting away part. (More the putting away than the folding, though.)

Thankfully, my boys are now old enough to put their own clothes away, so that is a little less, although it can be quite a hassle in itself to make sure that that happens.

MamaMaven said...

OMG that is THE cutest dress on the toddler! Congrats on the clothes line, I shudder to think what the home owner's assoc in our neighborhood would say, love that it folds!

Mitzi Green said...

see, i can't hang clothes outside because i leave them out there and by the time i get them off, they've been rained on at least once and have been sun-bleached into new and interesting shades.

so see--you're one up on me.

Builder Mama said...

I am so with you on the whole laundry thing. I'm surprised that I haven't beaten holes in the clothes under the guise of "I'll just toss them for a few more minutes," when in reality I've already done that at least ten times.

Cute dress! Love the whip too. And glad that Big Girl is feeling well enough to do something she likes!

Leeanthro said...

I'm with you, the clothes get washed and usually make it to the dryer.

Over the weekend I told my husband I was going to the basement for an hour to fold laundry. Load, after load of laundry. And even put it all away.

Who knew that I had 4 pairs of khaki capris?

Lotta said...

I think the clothes line looks adorable. So sorry about the arm!