Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I don't know how else to say it.

Thank you all so much for your wonderfully kind words the last couple days. They all mean so much to me!

My big girl is feeling much better today. Much.

As far as how it happened - she fell forward out of a swing. Landed on her arm.

Monday we took her off the oxycodone at the suggestion of the orthopedist. For the most part, although it was managing her pain, it made her terribly nauseous. He said that most pediatric patients do well with Advil or if we'd like he could write us a script to Tylenol 3 (w/codeine). Yes. Please.

Yesterday we managed the pain during the day with children's ibuprofen and the T3 at night. Of course, she didn't get up until 10 am yesterday. We also went to her softball practice - she still wants to go and watch.

In talking to one of the other (highly opinionated) parents, I relayed that the doctor had said that after 10 days, they'll take off the cast, do more x-rays and most likely put on another. After that, if she wants to try softball, she's welcome to. The other mother went off- "Well, if it was my child I just wouldn't let her. You just don't want to mess with the growth plates. You could harm her for life." I calmly replied, "Everyone has an opinion. I guess that I'll take the word of a doctor who's seen countless injuries like this and is a specialist in dealing with broken bones. You realize they mold casts to fit hockey sticks, right?" Turned, and walked away.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. Thing is, if this other mother's child broke her arm, she'd try and get the season delayed so her daughter could still participate. Oh well...

Today, she's had one does of ibuprofen and is under strict orders to tell me if she needs more. Otherwise, she's back to picking on/teasing her brother.

Of course, she's still managing to play up her arm for all it's worth! I wouldn't expect anything less.



mothergoosemouse said...

Oh no! Poor girl. I'm so glad that she's doing better now and that her recovery is expected to be relatively quick and easy.

And that mom sounds like a real charmer. Your response was spot on.

joansy said...

Great response. What an ass.
I hope you all are doing well.

Builder Mama said...

Gah, what a beeyotch. I think you had a brilliant response.

Glad she's on the mend!

Nat said...

Great answer. Will you come to soccer with me next week to tell people off for me?

Glad she's on the mend -- sounds like she's in good hands. (Yours natch... but I meant the doc too.)

Mitzi Green said...

well, duh--nothing says "milk this for all it's worth" like a cast. that's why they used to sell phony ones in the back of comic books.

and tell that dumb buttinsky that when my husband broke his elbow, the doc didn't even cast him--told him to move it as soon as possible.

Leeanthro said...

Reminds me of a coworker who always says "Well, *I* would never..." or "Everyone can make their own decision, but *I*..." And in the process she is condescending and judgmental.

So annoying!

MamaMaven said...

Ah the joys of sports in the suburbs, every league has THAT mom. So sorry to hear about the arm, I hope she heals fast!