Monday, May 05, 2008

Week Two

I am much happier with this square... The first one is too 'wonky' and the size is off. I fixed it this time by carefully measuring and using my 1/4" foot on the sewing machine.

At this point, I'm planning to re-make the first square when time permits.

Right now I'm deep in the fabric I bought the other day. And I need to get alterations done for two more dance costumes. Oh, and help with the Teacher Appreciation gift. Oy. Better get started.

A tease of one of the projects...

A question... if you're a mom, what would you like for Mother's Day?

Happy Monday!



Tree said...

The star looks great! I like this one a lot.

The teaser is gorgeous!!!

What would I like for mother's day? For my son to be a star reader and to listen to me.

Mitzi Green said...

what do I want for mother's day?

a baby. one that no longer lives IN me. 'nuff said.

Nat said...

I do love the teaser.

For mother's day, a guilt free day off. So I'm going to do a 15K run on Sat. Then we have a community event on Sat. called Artspark, where two years ago we got some fabulous art.

BlueBella said...

I just want for the babies to quit implying I should buy myself something expensive this year by oogling jewelry stores as we stroller by. . .they're so underhanded like that.

Mrs. G. said...

What mother wouldn't love this?