Monday, April 21, 2008

First Quilt

This weekend, the weather finally took a turn for the better. Though windy, the sun came out to play.

Friday night we had a neighbor's 40th birthday party. Saturday? I wasn't on top of my game. By the afternoon though, I was ready to 'do something.' Just barely.

My oldest was moping about, wishing she had a friend to play with. Note: she had just gotten back from a birthday party with 20 of her closest friends. I asked if she wanted to do something with me? Would I do?

Once I mentioned The Craft Room, she was all in. We decided on a quilt for each of her webkinz.

I am amazed, and impressed with the choices she made. On both quilts, she did came up with the design, and I pieced it. After the top, batting, and backing were assembled, she did the actual quilting, and I put the binding on (for speed's sake, after stitching on one side, I wrapped it around and zig-zagged it rather than hand stitching). Truly, a collaborative effort.

First off, we have Fluffy's quilt. The squares were already cut from a long ago project. The backing is a flawed dirt-cheap remnant. We managed to avoid the flawed part in the design.

Next, we have Tommy's quilt. Tommy is a boy and likes sports. She had fun digging through my stash of purchased scraps to find these:

Again, the fabrics, the colors, the placement is all hers.

Finally, we turned the corner up to show off the back:
She was much braver with the binding choices than I would have been, but I love both finished products. This just shows that if we don't hinder kids with our own preconceived notions, they come up with some fantastic ideas.



BlueBella said...

Awe - you're such a good Mommy . . . and Big Girl is quite the designer! Nice work you two:)

Tree said...

You have such great patience and what a good memory your created for both of you! I love the backing for Fluffy. It is bold and nice!

Anonymous said...

How creative.
Both are just beautiful.
Good job Big girl (and mommy):)


Jen said...

you are the ubermom :)

How freakin cute....

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

THAT is awesome.