Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Giveaway

In honor of Earth Day... It's a giveaway!

Here's the deal - I'm not quite sure yet what it will be. Perhaps some cloth napkins? Maybe a Cutlery Roll for picnics in the park? A market bag? Though not specifically 'green' - an apron? All four?

I just can't quite decide, but know that it will be hand made by me!

And in honor of Earth Day, I'm trying to figure out when, exactly, I got so "crunchy."

Using cloth grocery bags, recycling to the hilt, shopping for 'greener' products and less packaging, turning off the tv, heck - the last two trips to the grocery store have been on my bike! Who is this girl? Maybe I've been watching too much alarmist TV... Maybe Not.

Ok... Back to the contest:
1. It's today only and closes at midnight CST.

2. Leave a comment on a "green" change you've made (or would like to make) in your household.
3. If you win, be willing to send me your address.

That's it - easy peasy.



Jen said...

Does dropping a few thou on Energy star appliances in a few months count...what about thinking about Bamboo flooring????

Nat said...

Happy Earth Day!

Well, this may sounds odd but we have stopped using our dryer for anything but towels. We use drying racks instead. (Yes, all year rounds.)

We're in the process of going to fuel efficient light bulbs. (Figure you only replace as they burn out.)

Then we cancelled our newspapers last week. And I am trying to go plastic bag free. (This one is proving to be tricky since I don't know what to do in the produce isle.) I'd like to only buy local foods but there aren't many in winter... ya know?

I still feel rather hopeless about the whole thing some days. Though I am enjoying the sunshine today..

Really it's not the hard being green.

MPPs Mom said...

i'm glad I'm not the only one who has started down this path. I'm not sure when it hit me either, but I find I'm slightly in the minority when I talk to people about it. Perhaps being pregnant this late in life has been part of it.... We are going bpa free for bottles and as organic as we can with bedding and clothes, and I'm giving gdiapers a try this time around too. Oh and the big thing was to stop buying water bottles and use the tap filter on bpa free refillable bottles from REI.

And I used my market bags today, I seem to forget them in the car about 1/2 the time, but today I remembered and got a few compliments at the checkout too!

BlueBella said...

I've switched to a coconut bra.

Mitzi Green said...

i've stopped using aerosol cans of aquanet. does that count? :P

Heather said...

DH built me a compost bin last year so we can recycle yard & kitchen waste (along with bunny liter and droppings). I am using reusable bags at the grocery, and we too gave up bottled water and are using re-usable water bottles.

joansy said...

We're going down this road too.

* We took out our lawn and put in desert landscaping so that we're no longer wasting water on foreign turf. We also put in a drip system for plants that can tell if it rains and then cuts back on the water if its not needed.

* We've switched to compact florescent lighting and I now like the fact that it takes the lights a while to warm up - no more blinding light when I first flip them on.

* We dry most clothes on a clothes line.

* We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) and get our share of fresh veggies, herbs and fruits from a local farmer. All kinds of bonuses here -- the CSA is all organic, no pesticides, the food is incredibly fresh and it doesn't have to be shipped across the country.

* We're building a straw bale house on our vacation property, with recycled denim as insulation and as many salvaged windows and doors as we can find. We've already got tin roofing material from a friend who is building a new patio cover. We'll use an incredibly energy efficient design so we can use minimal heating and air conditioning. And all of our power will be either solar or wind generated. I can't wait!

Heather Z said...

We joined a CSA and now that it is spring my husband and I can both bike to work. I figure it is good for the earth (and my girth!)

The Piper Family said...

* I use reusable bags at the store
* I try to buy local produce
* We have those bulbs that are better even if they are 3 times as much
* We installed a new AC unit that is way more eco friendly

Love your blog!!

Karen said...

I'm late on this but my contribution to the environment.

1. The car died last week and we're not replacing it. We're lift sharing with a neighbour and I'm getting the train in one day a week.

2. I have bought cloth bags for shopping and don't use plastic anymore.

3. I've rented an allotment to grow seasonal veg and fruit, but in the meantime while it's growing I buy from the local market near where I work.

4. I've stopped buying processed goods from the supermarket and found a local butcher and buy all my fresh meat from him.

5. The kids walk to school each day, not ride in.

6. I have a compost bin in the garden and all the green and brown waste goes in.

7. We recycle most of our rubbish.

8. Computer, TV and appliances are turned off at night.

9. Birthday/Christmas cards etc are dismantled and reused either as gift-tags or as bases for thank you letters.

errr, I'm sure there's more but can't think at the mo!