Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Product Review: High Five

Remember Highlights? For the kids lucky enough, it was a monthly magazine? For me, it was the reading room staple at the doctor's office. I loved the magazine, and thought it terribly unfair if it was all marked up by someone before me.

I hate to say, but I'd kind of 'forgotten' about it, until I was given the chance to review "High Five" - Highlights for preschoolers - ages three to six.

Upon receiving three issues, I threw them to the wolves, I mean, my kids. Just to see what would happen.

Immediately, "What's this?" "Is this for us?" "Can I look at this?" "Will you read this to me" "Can we do this?" In rapid fire succession. Repeatedly.

And then we opened them up. My First Hidden Pictures, an easy recipe or two, simple craft ideas, multiple short stores, poems... All the things I remember from the original Highlights, but geared perfectly to the younger age set.

Granted, they were a little young for my eight year old, but perfect for her to read to her five year old brother and three year old sister.

Overall, this one gets two thumbs up. Now... Off to get my own subscription...


ParentBloggers is also hosting a "Blast from the Past" Blog Blast. It's this Friday and five random participants will receive a year long subscription to either Highlights or High Five.

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