Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of Must Do's and Half Baths

I'm terribly excited to see all the entries for the March Madness drawing! Entries will be accepted through Thursday if you haven't entered already.

Yesterday I did get one of my "must do's" done, and the other is very nearly done. Now Bryan and Blue Bella, play nice... One of you is right, and I'll give you a hint - one of you paid me. Heh.. I do love to see the commenters come out to play!

In other news... Spring Fever has hit my husband. Normally that means he starts giving me, and my stuff, the stink eye.

This year, he's throwing his disdain on the half bath that I did eighteen months ago. I see his point - where the toilet paper roll was knocked off the wall is still a little rough, I haven't found anything to replace the seashells, the wall paper border is peeling from the kids' picky fingers, and there are water dribble marks on the paint from vigorous hand washing... So it does look a little worn.

But here's the thing.

He wants to do it this weekend.

Today is Wednesday.

Um. Yea.

I spent the morning running around, pricing things and trying to get an idea of Where to Go from Here.

I like the pink boudoir feel, but am not sure how to translate it and haven't found another border I like to replicate the look.

Right now, I'm thinking a darker brown. And getting all sorts of other fancy-pants ideas like replacing the pedestal sink, mirror and light fixture.

So I've priced out the options, and will put together a proposal titled, "How Much Do You Want to Spend?"

As always, there will be before and after pictures.


Heather said...

Good luck! I say strike while the iron is hot, if HE wants to do it this weekend, arm HIM to do it. Can't wait for pictures.

Tree said...

Do it!!! Exciting!!!

I cannot wait for pics.

Bryan said...

That was a lousy hint! We both paid! Oh, wait, electronic funds transfer. Tee hee! That means I paid first!!

At least I'm first at something for once.

Good luck with the bathroom. Let him do the hard work this time since he didn't like what you originally did.