Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Apron Swap

Mid January, I signed up for an apron swap. It seemed simple enough. A "Spring" theme, we'd each make an apron for another - sending a little bit about ourself to the organizer, who'd then pass it on.

And then I got my swap person's info. She wants something out of the ordinary. Unusual. Modern. She's an art teacher for christ's sake.

What have I gotten myself into?

I am rather... Ordinary. I like traditional colors and patterns.

Speaking of, my quilt is coming along nicely.

I was showing a friend last night and I noticed a mistake. I haven't yet determined if I'll fix it or not.


The other day, I got online and headed to my favorite fabric store. ChristaQuilts. I dug around for a bit, and finally settled on two fabrics. They arrived yesterday. Today I went to Joann's and picked up a pattern. It's traditional, but the fabric is not.

I'm thinking of doing the main part (bodice and skirt) in the wavy stuff, the ties and pockets in the flowered.

They are loud. The colors make me think of spring. After all, this is what I've been looking at since Mid-November...

Though excited to participate, I'm a bit apprehensive that what I make won't be good enough. I can't wait to see what my swap partner comes up.

As a side note, It's supposed to be in the low 30's this weekend. After a week of sub-zero temps, we're all getting a little stir crazy. For the most part, it's been too cold for the kids to play outside. That means they're inside. Another mom and I have been taking turns sending the kids over to the other's house. Though wonderful, for wearing out kids nothing beats playing outside. You can bet they'll be out there this weekend!


Tree said...

I like the fabrics and I am sure the recipient will love what you create!

Enjoy your relatively warm weekend. We are actually looking at over 50 on Sunday. I think I will enjoy an outside run in shorts.

klasieprof said...

I am SICK to death of slipping and sliding and looking at this white stuff. Kids are crazy, need SUN soo bad.

Bryan said...

*que the Sesame Street song.. One of these things is is not like the other, one of those things does not belong"

It took me a while. It still looks nice though. A lot of people wouldn't even have noticed it if you didn't mention it.

I like your idea for the apron! Traditional, yet funky.

BlueBella said...

As always you make the most fabulous stuff!

Apron said...

Nice fabric!!Excellent stuff.Thanks for sharing with us.
keep up the work.