Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stocking Update

Amazing how this...

Can become this:

Not perfect, but done. Plus, the kids like them. The first one took about 45 minutes, the second two took a mere 30 combined.

The edges aren't as pointy as they look in the picture - I just didn't take the time to press out the seams. They only need to last until I find the other ones... Which may very well be when the youngest graduates college.

I'm thinking these will make more etsy fodder for next year. Along with the wine gift bags and elf hats.

Ah well. Nearly done. I really do enjoy making all this stuff. It's been a shift from buy!, buy!, buy! - a very good one.

Until then, I have to make the final preparations for The Boy's kindergarten holiday extravaganza aka Holiday Party - tomorrow. Make my list and check it twice. Pinecone birdfeeders, cinnamon ornaments, and cookies - oh my!


1 comment:

Karen said...

They're lovely. I knew I'd see them photos!! :0) Where do you get the time?