Saturday, November 17, 2007


Does anyone have a suggestion for removing blue ball point pen drawings from a brown leather sofa?

So far I've tried: soap and water, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and a Method leather wipe.


joansy said...

Try a little hairspray - not the good stuff but something like Aqua Net. But test it with a tiny bit first. Rubbing alcohol might also work, but ditto on doing a test first.
Good luck. And take a picture so you can use it later to blackmail the offending child.

Builder Mama said...

Holy crap. Well, I'd try two things - call a really good furniture store in the area and ask if they have suggestions. Second, call a drycleaner and see if they have a recommendation.

I did Google it and seems like Joansy has a great suggestion, I'd just try it in a very inconspicuous spot at first because people either had wonderful success or...well, it wasn't pretty.

Tanaya said...

Try the hairspray, but test and blot, blot, blot. Also, try an auto detailer. Some friends of ours own a used car dealership and they have a long list of people who do awesome detailing. In particular, they have a lady who works magic with leather...and not the way you're thinking.

Mitzi Green said...

tan the hide of the responsible child and use it to patch the sofa. or sell said child on the black market and use the proceeds to buy a new sofa.