Monday, October 29, 2007

Product Review: Sequoia Survival Kit

For the most part, I like to think I'm pretty prepared - especially when traveling. In the back of my car I keep a tote. In this tote I keep: a complete change of clothes for each of the kids in a labeled zip-top bag, a first aid kit, a couple large garbage bags, an umbrella, a package of baby wipes, and a jacket for each kid. In the winter I include a hat and mittens for everyone, a couple extra pair of socks and a blanket thrown on top.Yes, I know. Go ahead. Laugh. For the longest time, my husband - I hesitate to say - made fun of me.

Until one of the kids had a 'blowout' (you know, where the diaper doesn't hold...) and I went to my emergency stash. I whipped out a fresh outfit and threw the dirty one in the now empty zip-top bag. Now about twice a year, I check the clothes to make sure they're seasonally appropriate and they still fit. I've also thrown in and adult t-shirt - because generally when a kid has an accident, someone's holding them.

As someone who likes to be prepared, I was really excited to have the opportunity to take a look at the one of the Sequoia Survival Kits.

Upon receiving the Vehicle Survival Kit, I was struck by the compact size. I was amazed when I took everything out: Water, emergency thermal blankets, first aid kit, ponchos, a light stick, emergency food ration, work gloves, duct tape (because you know if duct tape won't fix it...), toilet paper...

Not only did they have necessities like water and food, they included a deck of playing cards and paper and pen.

Also included are two types of 'multi-tools': - the traditional Gerber clutch with pliers, knife, screwdriver, and such, and the hand crank radio, flashlight, and cell phone charger complete with several adapters so you can charge your cell phone.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful idea. They've thought of several thinks I wouldn't have (work gloves!) and put them in a compact bag that now sits in the back of my vehicle. My only issue - after taking everything out of the bag, it was like putting a puzzle back together to get it to all fit. I got it in - and zipped shut. Hopefully, I won't need to use any of it.

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Karen said...

I'm not laughing. I do exactly the same. When I was 8½ months pregnant with Sam some wally decided to steal a car and run it into the central reservation on the motorway. I was stuck in the traffice, in the dark with Mum and the three children. After that I put a box in with long life food (biscuits, crisps, boxes of juice), blankets, hats, scarves and mittens, torch with spare batteries, nappies and wipes. Yep, it takes up a half of the boot space but I feel so much more secure knowing it's all in there especially as it's dark now from 5pm onwards.

midlife mommy said...

Wow. I am very impressed. And now I feel woefully inadequate again. Time for more chocolate.