Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A picture's worth...

I'm tired.

Yesterday Ashley Tisdale "performed" at the Mall of America. Not wanting to be left out, the kids and I headed out there in search of wristbands. Managed to acquire the Green ones - versus the Orange ones - slightly better standing area. Got there around 5, and she didn't perform until 7:15. Oy.

For waiting as long as they did, the kids were wonderful.

Seeing as the stage was maybe a foot of the ground,it was difficult, nay impossible, for the kids to see. When she finally came to the stage, I took turns holding two kids at a time. Fortunately, she only sang three songs. Three. Two hours of waiting for fifteen minutes. What the kids did see, they really enjoyed.

The kids did have a good time, and after it was over we snuck in a few rides before heading home for bed. Driving home, I noticed the neighbors were having a bonfire. I promptly tucked the kids in and handed them off to Dad while I grabbed a margarita and headed out.

I should say that my husband did come out, but didn't manage to get a wristband. He stood a ways back - and was fine with that. By the third song, I got his attention and handed off the Boy to him.

The other night, I made pizza. After eating Master Chef Kyle's at The House of MGM in Denver, and then reading about Joe's, I had a hankering.

Barbeque chicken pizza.

Dough is good. Mmm. Mmm. Good.

Little sugar - for the yeast
Warm water
Splash of olive oil

Yes. That is it. At least for me

If you don't use it all, it will keep in the fridge overnight. Roll it out, cover with a little applesauce and oatmeal-flour-butter-cinnamon-brown sugar mix and serve it for breakfast with a side of scrambled eggs. I'm getting ahead of myself here

Leftover cooked chicken. Barbeque sauce. Red onion. Banana peppers. Corn (frozen is fine) if you choose. Cheese. Corn meal will keep it from sticking on the paddle. Bake at 450 on a baking stone for a few minutes. I never really time it. Just check once in awhile - starting around five minutes. Maybe eight. Garnish with cilantro

What could be bad when you have a helper that looks like this?

On the last one, my stone cracked. Need a new one before tonight. Meatball pizza.

Otherwise, not much is going on.

Finished a couple projects...

Aimee's - for making my site look much, much better.

MGM's - for the new little bean coming. I just love Clifford.

And still have one nagging me.
Ok two. Mitzi - I totally haven't forgotten about your curtains.

For now... I need to go start my pizza dough.


Mitzi Green said...

i'm jealous. i've been wanting to cook lately, but moosebaby would prefer to keep me either on my knees in front of the toilet, or in a living room chair silently praying i won't have to get on my knees in front of the toilet...

Lukie said...

I'm jealous too but because you live close to the Mall of America. My husband and I spent a few days more than 12 years ago. I would love to make it back but my priorities are different now.

Darn it! Kids!!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I know I call myself a music freak, but who is Ashley Tinsdale???

And the quilts looks awesome. I was snuggling with mine the other night and MAJORLY appreciating it!!!

Joe said...

Check out Martha Freakin' Stewart here.

Do you sleep?