Thursday, October 18, 2007

One more thing on Denver.

It's amazing how fast the kids resorted to their usual selves after my return.

There was about five minutes of hugging and "I-missed-you-Mommy."

It quickly turned into I'm hungry/thirsty/hold-me!

Perhaps that's why, even though I was offered more, I only stayed at my friends' homes in Denver for two days.

Anything more than two days and the real me starts to come out.

The first night at Julie's found me Kung-Fu fighting her husband in the kitchen and mocking the "Minnesota" accent. Thank goodness I didn't drink the second night. Who knows what would have come of that. One of the great things about staying at Julie's is like it's almost like staying at home - except none of the kids ask me for anything.

Aimee was a dear and picked me up Friday. Funny thing is that we've never met in-person. We've been corresponding via the internet for over five years. Five. But upon meeting her it's like I've always known her. I had a great time at her house as well. It was very interesting seeing how a one child family works. Saturday was a great day as we (Aimee, Tree, and Anne) had some time shop and see the sights in Denver. I'd highly recommend the Titanic exhibit - Aimee, your check's in the mail on that. I feel like such a heel, but I was so wrapped up in the exhibit...

And Sunday night? Tree's parents to the rescue. They had planned and planned - and you could tell they were really excited to have us there. Dinner was wonderful and the conversation great. Even though my flight wasn't until three, I was hitching a ride with Tree and Anne to the airport at 8 am hoping for an earlier flight. Her parents offered to show me around town and take me to the airport later. Saints, I tell you. I declined and ended up getting on an 11:30 am flight.

There is only one thing that 'bothered' me about the trip. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Denver is that I have family there - an uncle, aunt and two cousins. Did I see any of them? Nope. Guess my visit just wasn't important enough to warrant even a phone call. Bitter, party of one...

It's nice to know I have friends I can rely on. Friends I met online. Initially, my parents (and husband for that matter) were 'concerned' about meeting people over the internet. These were women I initially met on a board for working moms five years ago. You can't hide your real self for five years.

And Aimee... This one's for you.
I can take a bad picture...

And if you suddenly find me stalking your blog... I'm just looking for a couch to sleep on for my next running adventure. Two days, that's all I'll stay... Promise...


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

With your thumb up your nose no less! HA!!!!! I feel SOOOO much better, thanks.

And you's the best and welcome any time.

One thing *I * forgot to mention on my recap was how you all folded my laundry for me.


Tree said...

Honestly, we all had an awesome time. I am bummed for you that your family did not call you, but selfishly glad that you were free to spend more time with friends.

I can still remember Anne, you and I sitting around (you were 7-8 mo pg) 3.5 yr ago talking in a hotel room in Baltimore. We clicked then and it was the same in Denver.

Focus on LV. We will be there in spirit for you!

Army Wife said...

we just talked about this last night on SB radio...

ok so you meet friends from "online" does a grown person explain that without sounding like a complete dork..

and meeting people for REAL is ALWAYS the best.

very proud of your time...