Monday, July 30, 2007

This is heaven after all.

Of course it is.

Great weekend.

Fired the grill up...
The kids played.

The boy caught a butterfly. He let it go shortly.

I grilled.

Joe's recipe.

It was very good. Very.

Took the veggies out and skewered them with some fresh pineapple.Lord almightly.

The pictures don't do it justice. The steak was, simply put, beautiful. I had recently purchased some new steak knives, and this was the perfect opportunity to break them in. The pineapple turned out carmelly golden brown and the veggies grilled to crisp perfection. The foil packet? Itty bitty red potatoes with garlic I'd found at the farmer's market that morning.

Living off the land, I tell you.

My parents came yesterday for a few days. They'll hang out with the kids; I'll get a couple projects done - really fun ones like cleaning out the kids' closets. Dad and I will go for a couple runs.

And I'm sure we'll find time to have some fun.


Tree said...

With the house and yard in complete disarray the past 7 months, we have not grilled and I want a steak. That looks amazing.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...


Jen said...

I like how the boy trapped the butterfly in Ariel's Happy meal Purse :)

Joe said...


I love the internet.

Montana is swapping recipies with Minny.

Glad it worked out, Gretchen.

Mitzi Green said...

my god i love meat. those pictures make me hungry.

and when (not if) you come down on the 14th of september to help me paint, i'll have my husband feed you very, very well...

g-man said...

I'm hungry now. :) Looks great.