Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The sound of silence...

As any mom can attest, being alone in your own house is... eerie.

And oddly enjoyable.

Today I dropped the kids off and they ran to their groups with nary a backward glance.

Even my three year old didn't look back.

I don't know whether to be proud. Or cry. Or both.

Instead, I'll post some pictures of a place we recently found:

The Dad and The Big Girl on the bench.

The Boy is in red...

It's called "Chutes and Ladders." It's on a wonderful park with a lot of bike/running/dog walking trails in the summer and cross country skiing trails in the winter. They have canoe and kayak rentals as well as a snowboard area. Both summer and winter recreation. Can't beat that. The kids had a great time.

My husband and I had the 'could you imagine if we'd seen a place like this as kids?' discussion. Is that a sure sign you're getting old? Thinking about "The good old days?"

Also in my quiet time, I went for a run. Just three miles, but it's pretty warm today - 85 (stop laughing Joansy and Mitzi) and the humidity's around 69%. Steamy.

It's taking me awhile to stop sweating.

As soon as I do, I'll hop in the shower. And no one will knock on the door. Or try and use the toilet. Or generally harass me.

Noon. I pick them up at noon...


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

That place looks like a blast!

And it's been 100 here.

Heather said...

Wow, an uniterrupted trip to the bathroom, that is serious! LOL Looks like a fun place. Enjoy your VBS downtime this week.

Tree said...

That place looks completely awesome! I want one here.

Enjoy this week! It is going to be blissful.

Rebecca said...

wow - I wish we had a place like that where I live - my kids would love it.

hope you enjoyed your interruption-free shower.

Karen said...

Wow! That place looks fab.

I often long for the silence of an empty house, but then when I get it I find it depressing and want them all back again!