Monday, April 30, 2007

To pass the time.

Lest I be thought an inadequate mother, ignoring my child to blog... Two are at school, one is sleeping:
She fell asleep in the office at my feet. Telling me she didn't need a nap, fussing she didn't need a nap, and finally taking a nap.

My sister's babies are doing well. Very well. Growing in leaps and bounds. The eye problems are, for now, self correcting as are the heart murmurs. It's all good.

It's the mundane things. I cleaned out my purse recently. I arrived early for preschool pick up. The toddler was content with the magnadoodle in the back seat, so I took advantage of a quiet moment. Found my passport, not that it was lost. I knew exactly where it was. Just in case I want to leave the country on short notice.

My new grill. In the last week I've done peppered beef tenderloin, Beer Can Chicken, and Ribs. Not all at once.

The beef tenderloin and corn:

Leftover ribs for lunch. They got a little dark, but were very good. I used a combination of hickory and mesquite chips with the charcoal. They were basted in a sauce of butter, worcestershire sauce, real-lemon, and salt. Mmm... Salt.

I wimped out and only did 12 of my 16 miles. Still nursing a sore foot. If I could get down 20 pounds that would make such a difference. Unfortunately, I really, really, really like food.

On a side note, the kids like bowling. A lot.
After all, it's all about the shoes...


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Declan loves to sleep half under his bed. Must go back to caveman days!

Tanaya said...

Face it, its ALWAYS about the shoes. And could toddler bowling shoes be any cuter?

Jenny said...

You are *totally* right.

It's all about those adorable shoes.