Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday roundup

It hasn't been a stellar week as far as running goes. I was terribly disappointed that the nagging ache on the side of my left foot turned into a puffy bruised mess after Tuesday's 3 miles.

Saturday's nine mile run was, simply put, the best run I've ever had. Ever.

I opted out of Wednesday's 5 miles and Thursday's 3 miles. I'm aiming for 3 today. It's doubtful I'll be able to get in 10 on Saturday, but I'll try.

Weekly milage: 12
Total milage: 67

Weight? Same. I watched what I ate a little better, but without the extra workouts, nothing happend. But hey, no gain...


Tree said...

Skip the 10 miler. You can make it up next week or sometime later. If you went out and did it, you might harm yourself further.

No gain is very good. You are in balance, which is a good thing to be.

Builder Mama said...

Hey, be careful with the foot. Take a few days off and you should be feeling better soon. If nothing else, do a little speedwalking just to keep the endurance part up but keep the impact down.

And I'm all about the "no gain" thing not being bad. Not as nice as losing a pound, but definitely better than gaining 2 back!

Jen said...

WTG - you wouldn't cacth me running unless a lion was chasing me...hold on - I bet death by lion is far less painful than running....