Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday cheer

I've got two of my projects done and wrapped, and I need a little break. Thought I'd share this picture. Mom-o-matic, consider this my corner. We moved the chair in the corner to the office to accommodate the tree. In the upper right hand corner of the picture, you can see the clock on the wall. The clock hung in my grandparent's house for over 30 years.

It took 3 tries and 142 pictures to get this one. One freaking picture.
Not much else to add. My husband was gone Sunday - Thursday this week. He was supposed to arrive last night at 11:30 pm, but his flight was delayed. He finally got home around 2:45 am. Today he's taking the afternoon off to help the Big Girl with her gingerbread house at school. Not sure if he'll be home after, or will head back to the office, but I'm glad he's taking the time to do this with her.
Finally Friday. Do something great this weekend.


Tree said...

Awesome pic!! I understand & appreciate the effort expended.

Lotta said...

Great picture - love the wooden blinds! I went with white wood and curse myself whenever I dust them cause I can never get the little pull string clean. And of course, gorgeous kids!

Builder Mama said...

Great pic, G! I haven't even attempted to get one of Monkey Man in front of the tree yet. I'm pathetic.

sAssY brOwn said...

alone all week with 3 kids in this busy season, that is tough!
i've also taken a zillion pix yet perfect one has still not graced us.