Friday, December 01, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good...

So I figured out a neat trick yesterday - if I wash the kids' clothes, fold them, and put them in their rooms, two of them can put them away. It's the little things that make it worth it. "You have clean clothes in your rooms, please go put them away." And they can and do! Whoot!

My parents are either coming tonight or tomorrow morning. My mom wants to go shopping. They're going to watch the kids while my husband and I whoop it up bowling with the neighbors tomorrow night.

I used a new shampoo in the kids last night. Right now, the toddler is sitting on my lap and I'm getting the sweetest sniffs of freshly washed baby hair.
Today's Friday, tomorrow Saturday... Really... Can that be bad?

The Bad...
I'm still sick. At what point do you decide to go to the dr? In this case, since we've moved, I've lost the only doctor I've ever liked. Now, I have to start over. Otherwise, I would have probably gone yesterday.
The Toddler hasn't taken a nap in two days. Granted, she's in bed by 7 pm, but from 5:30 on it's bad.

I didn't go to the gym at all this week.

The Ugly...
My poor Martha Washington Geranium. I forgot to water it before we left for Thanksgiving, now it's all sad and droopy. I'm debating cutting it back entirely and seeing if it will grow back, or just waiting it out.
Even though I did four loads of laundry yesterday, I probably have about four more to do today. Should have bought stock in Tide.
The spacing on this blog - I hate when I have it all laid out, just like I want it and after I publish half of the spaces between the paragraphs are gone. Is there a fix for this?

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Tree said...

What did you decide about the geraniums?

I hope you are feeling much better.

How was bowling?