Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Ten Years

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary.

Ten years.

Ten years ago we promised to love, comfort, honor and keep. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And forsaking all others, be faithful as long as we both shall live.

Ten years ago we assembled in front of over three hundred of our family and friends. As we exited the church, it started to snow. The reception went on for hours. The receiving line was two and a half hours. We danced. My new husband delighted in the live band we had. One of my fondest memories of that day was, never one to miss a good party, my grandparents were some of the first at the reception and some of the last to leave.

Ten years ago we took our first vacation - just the two of us - to Lake Tahoe. It was "off season" so there weren't a lot of tourists. We ate, we drank, we did, well... honeymoon things. My new husband noticed, for probably the first time, how weird I am about traveling.

Ten years ago we settled into our first apartment - a one bedroom facing the interstate. But we could afford it. Six months prior to our wedding, my husband and two of his buddies started a new business. Not to have all our eggs in one basket, I was working as a receptionist across town. For a brief six months, I made more money than him. It wasn't much, but we made it work. I was still amazed that I didn't have homework every night - at 22, I'd just graduated college three months prior to our wedding.

Ten years. In ten years we've owned three businesses, between us- two jobs, two apartments, six cars, three houses, and most importantly... Three kids. I think of the changes in the last ten years and wonder... What will the next ten bring?

Today is also my parents 38th anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. You've been a great example to us over the years. Here's hoping for many more...


Melissa said...

Happy happy happy anniversary! Congratulations!! Cheer!

HeatherZG said...

Happy anniversary to you and your folks. Enjoy celebrating the milestone!

MPPs Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mitzi Green said...

hope the next 10 are the best to come. :)

Builder Mama said...

Happy Anniversary, G! And many more!

jenn said...

happy anniversary, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary.

10 years seems like a long time to me, only being married for 3. Good for you!

schloobie said...

Welcome to the 10 year club! ;) Nice post. Happy happy anniversary... and ehre's to the NEXT 10 years!