Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bringing your A game

Went to the gym last night. Didn't make it earlier, had some friends stop by. I went to high school with her, and her husband's in the Air Force. He's looking to be deployed to Iraq after the first of the year. They're making the rounds before that happens.

As it goes, I missed my normal trip to the gym. The one where I relish the time without kids and idle through my workouts. Called the husband on his way home - told him I'd like to go to the gym when he got home.

He arrived, and ate with the kids. Offered to wrassle them and put them to bed. I was out the door like a shot.

Made the most of the opportunity.

Today, I groan my way up the stairs and can barely lift my arms above shoulder height.

Should be back on track tomorrow, but today relishing that I didn't put the kids to bed last night and had a great workout.

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