Thursday, October 19, 2006

Made it

Left last night around 7. Drove to my parents (194 miles). Arrived shortly after 10. Had a drink, talked. Finally got the kid to bed. Got up, headed out around 9:30. My parents had already left the scene. My mom was taking her class on a field trip and needed to be at school early, and my dad went to my uncle's to help with the corn harvest.

It's weird being at my parents' without them there. So much of that house is them. Still, I know where most everything goes. I'm sure I do a better job cleaning up after myself than I ever did in high school.

178 miles later visited my Husband's granny. She broke her hip a couple weeks back. She's recouperating in a nursing home until she's well enough to go home. Doing as well as can be expected. She loves it when we visit - really enjoys watching the kids be kids. She is a dear woman. Truly salt of the earth. Stayed about 40 minutes, then took off. She was starting to look pretty worn out.

92 miles later arrived at our final destination. My mother in law and husband took the kids to the park. Fan-freaking-tastic. Really. My husband was gone Monday through Wednesday. It was a long couple days with him gone. The kids have reached the highest ever nag factor. Mom this and Mom that. A few minutes of quiet time is much appreciated.

Kids did as well as can be expected for a 464 (give or take) mile journey. The oldest packed a tote of coloring books, markers, and assorted other things to keep them busy. I packed the DVD player, but we only used it to watch "The Wild" and about half of "Finding Nemo." Pretty good considering the amount of time we spent in the car. Also, we managed not to eat the whole bag of snacks I brought. I won't have to go to the store before our return trip on Sunday.

As far as the weekend... I know my husband is playing golf tomorrow - perhaps twice. Saturday we have a birthday party. Saturday night we're bowling with some friends. Should be a hoot. Sunday we head home. The return trip is closer to 400 miles. Monday I'll be back to posting about laundry. Maybe. Maybe not. If I can keep up and do a couple loads while were here, it should be a breeze packing for Orlando on Tuesday.

At least we're flying the 1570 miles.


Anonymous said...

Geez, why don't you swing by while you're on the road already?

Just kidding...hope y'all have a great weekend.

Mitzi Green said...

about that birthday party--if it's the one i think it is--it will very likely be at our house given the craptastic forecast. i'll email your gmail account with our address, and will try to call you tonight.

Gretchen said...

Builder - Don't tempt me. I'd love to see you.

Mitzi - We'll plan to see you Saturday!