Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got nothing.

Nothing today.

Got nothing.

Unless you want to read about laundry.

It should be around four loads today.

We're leaving tonight after my husband gets home. Driving to my parents (around 3 hours) tonight. Tomorrow off to visit his Granny (around 3 hours) for the afternoon, then on to his parents (2 1/2 hours) until Sunday. Then we pile back in and hit it home in 6-ish hours.

Sound like fun?

Between Sunday and Wednesday morning, I get to unpack, do more laundry, and re-pack for our trip to Orlando.

Ok, the Orlando part sounds like fun.

But back to laundry...

My latest peeve? Tide's "Because evey mom was a woman first" campaign. Well no shit. Apparently they think by sticking Febreze in the product, women everywhere will re-define who she is by the laundry she does. You know - that shoulder - the one your kids pick to rub their nose on? It will now smell like lavender. Her husband will be all over her, sniffing her thinking, hey... she doesn't smell. Great.

Back to laundry, more laundry. Always laundry. Oh, and cleaning out the car, loading four suitcases, packing snacks and drinks, gathering DVD's and the player, making sure everyone has exactly what they need. Should be a great day.


Tanaya said...

Out of all household chores, laundry is my least favorite. I would rather clean a truckload of toilets, a bevy of bathtubs and scrub a football field size floor rather than fold and put away laundry. Fortunately, Mister does his own and we swap K-man's. I cannot imagine doing it for a family of five. Hat off to you!

Mitzi Green said...

sounds like my version of hell, actually. ;)

and i DO define myself by the laundry i do--don't you??? doesn't everyone???

excuse me. i need to vomit now.


Jenn said...

good luck with everything. Here's to no one puking in the car or having to make an emergency side of the road potty stop.