Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back from the zoo

Have you ever had an experience that leaves you shaking you head, wondering why the gods are smiling down on you?

Take today's trip to the zoo... Really, how can you go wrong at the zoo? Today, we couldn't. Got there around 10:30 and thought we'd start with the monorail. Next one wasn't until 11:00, so we had a potty break and played at the playground for a few minutes. Funny... we go to the zoo to see the animals, and the kids are on the lookout for the next playground.

We hopped on the 11:00 monorail trip. The kids thought it was pretty cool, looking down on the animals and people. The trip lasted about 25 minutes and the kids did great. Anyone with small children knows that whenever you put them in a new or different situation, you never know what you'll get. In this case, I got three well behaved kids that did what I asked.
After the monorail, I overheard there was a dolphin show at noon. Not familiar with the park, we started off. Big Girl said "There's the Dolphin Show sign!" Good thing she can read, I completely missed it. That left us with half an hour to kill, but we thought we'd scope it out. Found seats half way up in the middle. As soon as we sat hundreds of daycare/ymca kids streamed in. We sat tight and watch the dolphins swim around. They put on a bit of an impromptu show, and the kids barely fussed. I broke out three leftover fortune cookies, and that tied them over until the show. It was really neat! At some point, I'd like to swim with the dolphins.

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Tasha said...

I see that you are living in neck of the woods. I just wanted to tell you that someday, you really need to make the trek to Como. It is a great little zoo. And bless you for being out and about in this yucky, hot & humid weather!