Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yesterday's End

I found the perfect way to end a day.

Yesterday I did get the Suburban cleaned out. I found not one, but two sippies with milk. Nothing had exploded, but the cracks in the lid (you know - the "use and toss or reuse" cheapies) had let the smell out. Once they were out of the car, it was much, much better. Two "Target" sacks later (one to throw and one to put away), vacuumed, and "Febreezed" - the Burb looked and smelled fantastic.

The kids and I spent most of the afternoon outside. It was a truly beautiful day. Got dinner started, and checked on Husband's progress - he had "one more meeting" and would be home shortly. I went ahead and fed the kids, myself too for that matter, and herded them outside - but not before plating my husband's dinner and putting in a warm oven covered in foil. June Cleaver am I. He got home, ate dinner, and came outside too. By bedtime, the kids were completely exhausted. A quick bath, brushed teeth, hugs, kisses, and I think their eyes were closed before their heads hit their pillows.

By the time I came down, my husband informed me that two of the neighbor ladies were having a cocktail outside - next door. I promptly grabbed one and headed out. Even though I love having the kids outside because it wears them out - it wears me out too. We sat and talked for about half and hour, and one of them says - who's up for the hot tub? You say hot tub, I say where. Since both of them had one, we went to the one across the street. Apparently, something wasn't working because it was 'only' 91 degrees. We shivered for about 20 minutes, then decided to go in. The other neighbor and I scooted home, teeth chattering the whole way. About halfway there, she says, "Want to try mine?" You bet. A toasty 105, I was warmed up in minutes. Best part, her husband brought me a fresh vodka tonic. Mmmm-mmmm good.

Twenty minutes of that, and I sauntered home basking in the heat induced stupor. Really, really nice. Nothing ached after pulling weeds that morning or from the gym the morning before.

Anytime, she said. Come over anytime. You bet.


Tree said...

What a lovely evening!! Particularly the end. I bet you slept well.


Anonymous said...

OMG that sounds like a great set of neighbors... I think I'll start directing dh's job search to that area. Sounded heavenly.