Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Had the best Peppercorn Burger at Red Robin. So good, they don't give out nutritional information. At all. I requested it and got this:

Thank you for contacting Red Robin Gourmet Burgers regarding the nutritional content of our menu items. At Red Robin, we focus on serving quality ingredients, and are committed to consistently providing our Guests and Team Members the highest quality menu offerings. While we currently do not offer nutritional content information, we do recognize the importance of our Guests being able to select and order menu items that meet their taste and dietary preferences. All of our menu items can be customized by adding or deleting any combination of ingredients to meet taste and dietary preferences, so please ask your server to modify your order to meet your special preferences and they’ll be happy to assist you.
Thank you again for contacting us and being a Red Robin Guest!

I replied back that it was difficult to make informed decisions without anything to go on (other than common sense, of course) and did not receive a reply.

Now that's living dangerously. Hah!

On another note - I slept until 10 am. Of course, we cavorted with the neighbors until the wee hours - but this time, the police didn't show up. Got that going for me.


Christina000 said...

That is the most roundabout way of not answering a question I've heard in a while...... what's the big deal in sharing total calories and fat content anyway? So glad you had a great mother's day :)

Tree said...

It's your day, you do not need to know the nutritional information for that...


Heather said...

You may not really want to know the nutritional info for Red Robin--here are the Weight Watchers points values (2 pts~100 calories, no fiber and lots of fat makes it higher)


mothergoosemouse said...

Mmmmm...that sounds delicious. Who cares about points or calories - I'm hungry!

Builder Mama said...

I love Red Robin, but if I go I usually eat only 1/2 of the burger and then do a salad. But hey, you've gotta enjoy special days, right? (like eating a chocolate parfait in Boston....)