Monday, November 21, 2005

A few things of note.

My big girl can read. She sounds words out and everything. We play "how do you spell (fill in the blank)" in the car. Now she's reading. I knew she was genius though when she read Applebee's, McD's and BK signs when she was two. Hah.

The boy is potty trained. He'll tell anyone that will listen. Now if I could just get him to flush the toilet.

The baby likes to scaled the outside of the railing. She gets to the fifth step, giggles, then screams to get down.

Not much else. DH will be home Wednesday due to Thanksgiving. Trying to get Christmas figured out so I can stop stressing about it.

A bright note, I found Nutter Butters enrobed in milk chocolate at the grocery store today. Mmm mmm good. Think I'll try making my own with dark chocolate...


oktree said...

My boy cannot flush a toilet, either. Or close the door. Or wipe up his spillage.

This is why peanut butter and chocolate solve the world's problems.


Queen of Spain said...

ahhhh chocolate. drool.

allison said...

Have you found the Butterfinger Crisps...kind of sugar wafer, kind of Butterfinger, rolled into one and not as hard as the BF? Oh.mi.gosh. Heaven. Ate all our children's at Halloween, and claimed I knew nothing about them.