Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Egg Nog Milkshake

Day one and I slurped down a 'small' Egg Nog Milkshake from McD's. Baby shared with me, so I really only had about 1/2 of it. Rationalization, I know.

It was yummy.

I'll do better tomorrow. I'll do better tomorrow. I'll do better tomorrow.

I did get the fridge cleaned out. Only because someone (me!) left half a cup of pink (strawberry) milk on the top shelf. I knocked it over and said, "Oh f - f - fiddle" because of the six eyes looking at me. "What's "Fiddle" Mamma?" "Something to say when I make a mistake." Needless to say the leftover pizza from last night is gone, the remainder of the sweet potatoes cooked in butter and brown sugar are gone, the mashed potatoes and gravy are gone, the remainder of our spaghetti dinner - gone.

Not much is left. I will have to take inventory and get a few healthier choices tomorrow. The boy has preschool, so that will leave me with one.

What brought on the Egg Nog Milkshake? A promise to the Big Girl and the Boy. We went to the dentist today. Doesn't that sound like fun? Big girl squeezed out fat tears as the dental hygenist cleaned her teeth. The boy screamed and wouldn't even lay in the chair for her. The dentist came in and noted that two more of teeth are loose on big girl. The boy sat on my lap and laid back, mouth open screaming while the dentist checked him. That is one thing I like about a ped's dentist - he's seen it all. I'm just hoping my kid isn't the loudest screamer. Big Girl had x-rays taken, and it looks like her extra baby tooth is that - an extra baby tooth. It is getting pushed out by the grown up teeth. Otherwise, it may have needed to be pulled. I did get to see what her 'big' teeth in front will look like in the x-ray. Do they ever look big.

The plan was to bribe them with milkshakes in exchange for good behavior at the dentist. Technically, they acted their age. It was all well and good until I got to the drive up - "One small strawberry shake and one small chocolate shake." Will that be all? "No, one small Egg Nog shake also." Ugh. It was good though.


oktree said...

Well, I just looked up a 12 oz vanilla shake for nutritional info, thinking the eggnog would be very similar. If you only drank 1/2, it's not bad at all. Don't beat yourself up over it.

I bet it was great!! I love eggnog. I put it in my coffee regularly during the season.

Anonymous said...

Rationalization - the root of ALL evil IMO Gretchen. You've heard enough of my "excuses" as to why I can't treadmill at night, and it's all just rationalization. Really, the kids would be fine on the second floor if I were in the basement.

It's a new month. Maybe, just maybe I'll start today....


oktree said...

Megan, that's what I use the baby monitor for! My treadmill is in the basement, the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. I do use it in the mornings when N is most likely to be asleep.


Gretchen said...

I'm starting to use my stability ball a bit more - even when the kids are up, they think it's funny to see mommy contorting herself.