Monday, August 16, 2010

Promises, Promises

Here I sit, making another list.

Things I didn't get done this summer and I probably coulda/woulda/shoulda:
Clean out the cabinets
Sort last year's school papers
Paint the last bedroom
Finish sorting the basement
Go through the Miscellaneous boxes in the basement
Have the kids read more
Re-seal the granite countertops
Sort the kids' art supplies
Make a new duvet cover/curtains for my bedroom
New quilt for my Oldest Daughter
Clean out my closet
Clean out the kids' closets.
Get rid of the clothes that don't fit.

Tomorrow is the first day of school, with that, summer is over no matter what the calendar says. I guess that throws this list to "What I do all day with the kids gone since I don't have a 'job'".


Joe said...

Hey Gretchen...

What do you have to do to re-seal grante counters, and how do you know when you have to do it? Do they get less shiny or something?

Serious question, btw.

MPPs Mom said...

What are you doing in my kitchen reading MY to-do list?