Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to normal tomorrow

Or at least what passes for normal around here.

Gifted with a four day weekend, or what passes for spring break in these parts, we took the kids to visit some friends in Oklahoma. A great time was had by all. It was nice to get out of town, couldn't have asked for better accommodations, and the food and drink (lots of drink!) was wonderful. The kids loved tromping around on our guest's three acres complete with creek.

Tomorrow I'll set about getting laundry done and setting for the calendar for April.

Given we have three dance classes, baseball, softball and now spring hockey as well, I'm sure it will fill up fast. Two of the kids have decided to do projects for the school science fair. Reading club for the boy is done, and my oldest has her last scrapbooking club at school on Wednesday.


Four days away from home was enough to get me ready to tackle a few more projects before the kids are out for summer: sort through the basement (my husband has the shelves put up), sew curtains for my oldest's room, paint my youngest's room, as well as just keeping up on the day to day stuff.


The weather is shaping up and the kids are spending more time outside. It's wonderful.


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