Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow day

Little did I know on the last visit to my parents, the kids would have their own luge hill.

Took a quick picture of the icicles before we started breaking them off.

Though a lot of snow, it's the ice that's unbelievable. Dad spent two days on the roof after the last storm to break up the ice. They've got to have at least six inches of ice leaning on the downspouts.

The kids were more than happy to help break off the icicles.

Yep, I'm 'that mom' - go ahead and stand on the rail - I'll hold you... The pile in front of the railing is ice off the roof. Dad's ladder is stuck in the snow/ice.

The bruise gained from the experience of trying my son's snowboard is finally starting to fade.

Now I just have to wait for the bruise obtained from riding the mechanical bull Saturday to fade...



Tanaya said...

I speak from...ahem...experience when I say those mechanical bull bruises are bad!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we'll have the snow for quite a while to come. Temp is 12 degrees with a N wind! A great time!! Take care of those bruises. G'ma