Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It seems like so many things are out of my control right now.

The kids start school Monday. Though I'm ready for them to have the opportunity to make new friends and get in a bit better routine, I can't help but worry.

We still don't have internet at home.

Or TV. We have some tv, but not the bevy of channels we're used to.

The house is coming together. I'm down to asking, "Where did I put that" once a day versus once an hour.

Our best couple friends. She told him on Saturday that she wanted a divorce. My husband asked me what our stance was on this. I told him we are Switzerland. We don't pick favorites, we don't kick one to the curb. We try and support both of them best we can.


This weekend my parents are throwing a luau. Complete with freshly butchered pig (Friday) cooked in a pit underground (Saturday). Does knowing someone that can provide a pig pretty much on demand mean you're a redneck, or just well connected?



MPPs Mom said...

Love seeing a post from you ;)
I'd say you are well connected !!
I remember when my friend in HS had a luau. Her mom arranged for every girl to be welcomed with a flower in her hair and every guy got a lai. We thought that was hilarious at 16 yos, lol.

Lai = Lay (just in case no one gets that)

I have fingers crossed that the first day of school goes great for the kiddies. I remember all too well walking into a new school more than a few times growing up. They are gonna do great !!

Good luck with Switzerland. Hope you don't get pulled in the middle.

Tree said...

YAY! You are here.

The kids will be fine. They are outgoing, fun, cool kids.

I am so sorry about your best friends. Switzerland is a good choice, but know they will want to recruit you.

The luau would be great fun and I vote for well connected.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Too bad about the divorce but yeah for you for pulling a Switzerland.


Joe said...

Ooof. Switzerland is a tough road.

In my experience (my own divorce, and friends'), the situation was made easier by the relative rarity of true "couple friends."

Usually, the guys or the women are friends, and the other halves just get along.

Other times, circumstances will dictate... such as an affair or bad treatment of one spouse by the other.

Be wary, as I am sure there will be lobbying for informations, etc...


(But congrats on getting settled, and that luau sounds like a blast.)

Mitzi Green said...

it means you're doing a friggin' re-enactment of "lord of the flies." although i'm certainly up for tasting said pig, as long as i don't have to look at it before it's on my plate.

and you need new "best couple friends." i nominate us. ;)

mayberry said...

I don't think rednecks would have a luau. So I'm going with "well-connected."

Continued good luck with settling into the new place!