Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures will have to wait...

As of right now, we're having trouble getting internet at the new place. Apparently my desire to live a rural life has it's disadvantages. That and the bridge is out so we have an even more scenic drive home.

Things are good. Not nearly as weird as I thought they'd be. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we're regular visitors here. It's not like when we moved to Minnesota and didn't know anyone. Moving to a community and having a few friends make things much, much easier. That and I know where the local Joann's and independent quilt store are.

Seeing as the basement's unfinished, I can pretty much claim the whole thing as my sewing/craft room - right?!?

The kids are adjusting better than I thought. School starts August 17th. Very early for us - they're used to starting after Labor Day. I will say that having only two weeks until school starts is pretty nice this time - they'll be able to make new friends sooner. They're spending this week with my parents. Tuesday they cut down a tree, went on Jeep rides, and had a bonfire. Wednesday they went rock climbing and played with their cousins. Who knows what's in store today and tomorrow!

As for me? Last night my husband and I used the time without kids to go sit on O'Doud's patio and listen to some great live music. Today I'm going to work really hard on getting my sewing room set up.



Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting settled! Can't wait to come visit.

And the cousin visiting has been awesome! Lots of giggles, squeals and joking have ensued.

Oh, and I got my very own Michelle Duggar moment last night when we took all the kids out to dinner. . . it was priceless:)

-Aunt Danielle

Tree said...

Woo hoo! Sounds lovely.