Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of my cousins is quite the adventurer. I've lost track of the cities, countries, and continents she's visited. She's always looking to try something new. At our last family reunion, we all took turns shooting a .22 rifle. This time? This time she wanted to try out my dad's bow. Before his surgery, my dad would pull back the bow 40 to 50 times a day. My cousin pulled it back about three inches. Dad helped her pull it back so she could get the feel of it.

Rather than hurt herself on the 'grown up' bow, she opted to use the one my dad got for my kids.

That's my girl practicing on the kid bow and my cousin and dad in the back ground.

Occasionally I look at all the things she's seen and done and wonder "What if?"

Most days I look around me and am pretty pleased with where I am.


Anonymous said...


Wish I'd opted not to hurt myself on the grown up bow . . . lesson learned :)

PS - you should be pleased with where you are . . it's a damned great place!


Tree said...

I think you are in a very good place.

g-man said...

I think we all get that "what if" every once in a while.

Wow, she looks like an archer.