Thursday, May 14, 2009

Made it to Cowtown yesterday afternoon and drove around quite a bit.

Found a couple things with possibility. Of the ones we drove by yesterday, there are three that may be very strong contenders. I am ready to have a decision. Once we have missile lock on one, the whole process will be easier. I'll be able to concentrate on just one house. The market the way it is, there is a whole lot out there.

Had a massive barbecue dinner with my father in law. I can only imagine how much weight I'll gain once we move.

Love those burnt ends. Like manna from heaven, they're smothered in sauce with no need for bread. Meat on a plate. Maybe beans on the side. Maybe not.

We're heading out soon. Unfortunately, our realtor can't meet us until four. We're going to meet with another at one to jump start the process.

Until then, we may catch an early movie...

Star Trek, perhaps?



Tree said...

EEEE! I am so excited that you have locked on a house (or will soon)! And yes yes yes, KC BBQ is yummy stuff.

We had a fantastic dinner at the old depot - cannot remember the name right now, but OMG. It was awesome.

g-man said...

Happy hunting!!

H wants to see that movie too. :)