Friday, March 27, 2009

As a parent it is well known that you need to pick your battles.

One that I am not willing to get to riled up about is my kids' hair. As long as it is clean, brushed, and has some semblance of order I am fine.

My oldest is about an inch away from a Locks of Love donation. My son decided to do the same. I did have to draw the line there. I told him that he could do that when he was in college. Not a complete Fun-Hater (my main title around here) I did let him grow what is known around here as "hockey hair."

Well, hockey is over. We've talked about it quite a bit.

It was entirely his decision.

Dude, you're in the army now.

But spring will gradually come to these parts. He won't need his long hair to keep his head warm. That was his reasoning, anyway.

Either way, I think he's darn cute.


Another battle I'm not willing to fight? Wearing shorts while there's still snow. I mean really. The temperature was supposed to be low 50's.


Finally. I am still waiting for my new sewing machine. UPS says it will be here today. To celebrate, I had to go buy some new fabric.
You know... I had to.



Tree said...

I love the new fabrics!!! They are gorgeous. Simply beautiful. Plans?

Boy is handsome for sure!

Nathan wears shorts all the time. One of his friend's dad asked me if he even had pants.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell my nieces and nephew to QUIT. GROWING. UP. SO. FAST???


Hope you enjoy the new baby. . . I mean sewing machine, Squealix!

-Aunt Danielle

Nat said...

Oh man, they've grown up since the last pics... great hair.

I expect The Boy will be getting buzzed soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree on all accounts!
I do the same with my kids...
on hair, shorts, etc.

Fun-hater! I love that!


Bryan said...

A few posts down you were asking what one could put in a salad... well now you know!!!

Tell me you don't want a couple of bags just to gross your kids out!! But kids being kids, they'd probably eat them and gross you out!

Jems said...

I've found it's easier sometimes just to let them get on with it and learn the hard way!! As for the hair, I love the idea of donating cut hair. Joshua's is getting so longer now we've started calling him Jocelyn! I'll have to see if we do something like that over here!

The fabrics are beautiful by the way.

merrymishaps said...

It's a wonderful thing that your daughter is going to donate her hair.

I wish that organization was around (or if it was, more well-known) when I chopped off all my hair in college! At this point, I'm not willing to go without layers, and it grows SO slowly!

Mayberry said...

My kids are constantly doing the shorts/short skirt thing too. Oh well--it's their cold skin, not mine!