Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today was supposed to be the first day of the new normal. The kids were back in school after a four day weekend, and I was curious how the day would go. After all, I have several important projects in the works - another baby clothes quilt and two pillowcases made from toddler jammies - and my husband is not used to seeing my projects out.

This morning after getting the kids to their respective schools, I arrived home to my husband hurriedly dressing.

"I'm going to Iowa."

Really, now.

"The contractor and plumber can meet... "

It gets fuzzy around this point, because all it means to me is that he'll be gone all day. We have some property that we're working on, and fortunately with his newfound lack of a 'real job' he can go down there and take care of business rather than try and do it over the phone or with overnight envelopes.

Maybe tomorrow he'll be home?


Unfortunately, I spent most of yesterday snuggled in bed alternating between freezing and sweating. Fortunately, my husband was there and kept me from even noticing I had children. When you're sick, that's a wonderful thing. I've never been so glad he was home.



The Quilt Buddy said...

Seems like we spent President's day the same way...sick! Hope you are feeling better!

MPPs Mom said...


Tree said...

I hope you are better soon!