Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The longer I'm gone, the less I have to say.

Things have been different around here. My husband's been home for two weeks now. It's difficult to get computer time when he's busy brooding in the office.

Last weekend we went to my parents' house. It's been awhile since we've visited, and they wanted to make the most of our time.

Friday I took the kids out of school early and we headed out. That night there was a "Beauty and the Beast" competition at the college - the coliseum was set up for half Gymnastics, half Wrestling. Beforehand there was autograph signing with Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson.

It was fun to watch both the gymnatics and the wrestling. The kids had a great time, even if the Toddler did fall asleep halfway through.

Saturday morning we headed down to the river for ice.

No worries, the river had receeded so we were able to stay on solid ground while attacking it with the maul.

Everyone took a turn or two.

We brough back a bucket of ice, chopped it into small pieces, and used it to make homemade ice cream.

That's not the hand crank ice cream maker we had when I was growing up. The kids took a dip in the hot tub while the ice cream maker worked.

After lunch we headed to the rock climbing wall.

The toddler surprised me with her willingness to try.
As a point of reference, my husband is 6' 6".

The Boy worked it like Spiderman.
So did the Big Girl.

It only took a couple of tries before my dad, my husband and I were in harnesses.

My sixty-something year old Dad made it look effortless.


Speaking of my Dad, he's having surgery Friday morning.

Though his doctor is confident of a good outcome, I can't help but worry.


So let's round this up - my husband's unemployed, we're moving at the end of the school year, and my Dad's having surgery. Makes for a pretty full plate.

Though I did prove that I could reach the top of the climbing wall, you won't see any pictures of me in a harness any time soon.



Jenny said...

That is a full plate and the bummer for you is there is nothing you can do. That is the worst.

Wishing you the best outcomes for everything.

Nice job on the rock wall. I don't think I could (height thing for me).


Mitzi Green said...

but those harnesses are so FLATTERING. :P

best wishes to your family. you know i'm thinking of you.

Jems said...

I get it, the harnesses didn't co-ordinate with your outfit ;0)

Sounds like you've got a lot going on to deal with - good you took time out with the family.

I also have a friend who is 6'6" tall, it's a long way up there! :0)

Nat said...

Hang in there kiddo!! (Pun intended.)

It's hard times ... very hard times.

Tree said...

Thinking of you, G!! Thinking of your dad, this morning.

MamaMaven said...

Sending positive vibes to your Dad.

Homemade ice cream and a hot tub, in my opinion a pretty perfect day?

With everything else going on are you still training for the 1/2?