Friday, December 26, 2008

Part Poo, I Mean Two

I'm sitting here today at my sister's house, trying to make order of the mess.

And by mess I mean what happens after we open presents. Every year we promise each other that we'll "cut back." Every year it doesn't really happen. But I digress, on to Part Poo - I mean two.

We celebrated Christmas with the inlaws Sunday night. The kids had a wonderful time, and I must say it was very nice that the adults exchanged names. The pressure was off.

Sunday night I was relegated to sleeping with the Toddler, who, with the stomach flu, only wanted mama. Fortunately, she hadn't thrown up for awhile, so I should have been pretty good.

And pretty good I was. At 8:30, with nary a backward glance, we went to bed. The other two were left to their own devices with their father and grandparents. Within 30 seconds, her eyes were asleep, and within 60 mine were. She coughed once in the night which caused me to jump about a foot off the bed, looking for the barf bucket. An unfounded alarm, I promply fell back asleep.

Other than that, we were fine. We being the two of us. Around 2:30, I heard the toilet flush several times.

My husband was sick most of the night.

The toddler and I bounded out of bed, ready to start the day.

Only to discover that my mother in law was sick as well.


How am I supposed to ignore my children if there is no back up Alpha Female?

Not to be out done, my son tried throwing up twice in the morning, only to be thwarted with an empty stomach.

This day was not going to be good.

As I could see there were cracks in my mother in law's brave face, I sent her off to bed. My husband hadn't gotten off the couch yet.

My oldest is very sensitive to other people throwing up. Just the hint of a gag, and she pretty much looses her appetite for the rest of the day. Hearing her brother in the bathroom sent her to the basement with her father, to inhabit the other couch.

My father in law had escaped to work. Traitor.

That left me. I tended to the sick, provided nourishment as tummies would handle it, and washed my hands at every opportunity.

Given I'm the only one that didn't get sick, I'm just thanking my lovely stars.

By Tuesday, it was looking a bit better. My oldest had perked up, the toddler and the boy were completely fine, and my MIL was doing better - still pretty tired, but better. My husband managed to get off the couch.

Wednesday we hit the road, bringing our germs to other parts of the country.

Would anyone else get sick? Only time will tell...



Mitzi Green said...

i always say it's not a holiday til somebody hurls...

Mitzi Green said...

also, having now read part 1, i think you're NUTS for having even attempted to drive here in that mess, and i'm very, very glad you all made it here in one piece. even if it is a very icky-sicky piece.

Feener said...

ugh - poor things.....

Tree said...

Oh no! That sounds terrible. I hope your hands are not too chapped from all the sterilization!