Sunday, December 14, 2008

Note to self...

- stop leaving comments when you're slightly tipsy.

Just. Stop.

Tonight I had the yearly neighborhood wifey night out. We all go out to a fabulous dinner, a couple drinks (sans the drivers) and have a gift exchange.

Upon pulling into my driveway I noticed the kids were still up - tell-tale light on in the kids bathroom. I mentioned to the driver (a very good friend) that "they were still up and I really don't want to be home." We wound up at the neighborhood watering hole.

So now? Now I'm catching up on my blogs slightly (OK, more than slightly) tipsy and trying to leave meaningful comments. Instead, it's somthing like if 1,000 monkeys typed for 1,000 years... you figure out the rest.

All I can say is that the bus stop tomorrow morning will be, um... ugly...


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