Monday, December 29, 2008

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

There are only a couple things I'm looking for next year. I don't think they're too much to ask.

#1 - That the kids will sit still for one reasonably good picture.


This is where the boy tries to kiss his older sister.

This is where she pushes him away. The kissing? Purely to torture his picture.

Ok. Reasonably good. Now, if someone could do something about the crappy lighting.


#2 Next year I want to get my projects done earlier. Say July.

Quilt for my MIL. She really liked it.

Quilt for my mom. She cried. My husband was worried we didn't do enough for my parents this year. Until he saw my mom's reaction to the quilt. First off, it's beautiful - if I do say so. Secondly, she understands the time and effort that went into it. Third - it's from the heart. I knew it was something she would cherish - and you can't buy that.

My dad's quilt:

My dad and daughter both love sudoku. This one's set up the same - only with fabric instead of numbers. I had my oldest solve a sudoku, and then I made it into a quilt. She picked out the fabric (I added the red) and determined which fabric would be which number. It's backed with black fleece, so it's perfectly warm and snuggly - no batting required.

Three quilts for Christmas is a pretty tall order. Next year I'll have to scale back or start earlier. Like today.


#3 Peace on earth, goodwill toward men. And women. And children.

What did you think I wanted, a baby?

This picture does make my uterus ache.

Just a little.



mothergoosemouse said...

That Sudoku quilt? Freaking AMAZING.

I can hardly believe how big the kids are. Wow. And gorgeous too, of course!

amandajean said...

the sudoku quilt is genius! nice work on gifting 3 (!!!) quilts this year. that is a tall order. nice work!

Anonymous said...

Achie achie babies to bakie!

Come on, I saw how you were sniffing Angelfish . . .HAVE ANOTHER BABY!


Dysd Housewife said...

I would cry a river if someone would make me a beautiful quilt. unfortunately..around here, we don't sew LOL.

Tree said...

The suduko quilt is genius, G! I am in awe. I love it.

Three quilts - amazing feat! Good job.

Love the pics of boy kissing older sis!!

Nat said...

I had high hopes of getting a photo of the three grandkids for my parents. I tried to get to sit still... I tried to get them to all sit quiet... I tried to get the little one from hitting the big one...

Finally I gave up. Too bad. Lighting was good. (things tend to work better when you they aren't back lit.)

Leeanthro said...

We have a big window too. If I remember, I switch the camera to backlit mode (or night mode- the one with the star behind the person) and see if that helps. Works wonderfully on trains, too.

*IF* I remember!

For what it's worth, I couldn't get mine to both look at the camera and smile at the same time. And they had on matching Christmas PJ's.

Bryan said...

Ummm. Gretchen made at least four quilts this year, in addition to all the other stuff she does. Mine is fantastic.

Jems said...

I need quilting lessons - someone got me a new sewing machine for Christmas - woooopppeeeee!!!

Cathy said...

wow! what gorgeous and thoughtful gifts! quilts are amazing and beautiful - and to have one made especially for you must be very special :)