Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And so it begins

Shortly before Christmas, I let it be known that I wanted the Dear Jane book. My fairy godmother (ok, my Mom) heard and bought me the book and the software. The plan being to size the squares for a king bedcover.

Without further ado - the beginning:

G-7 - Indianapolis

After a false start trying to hand piece, I gave up and moved back to the sewing machine. I'm pretty proud of very nearly getting the pattern lined up.

F-7 - Star Struck

A nice break after the curves of the above square.

G-8 Justin's Comet

Good practice in joining - eight diamonds, four squares, and four triangles. Oy. The points are a bit off but finished is better than perfect.

H-7 - Bennington Star

See my plan? One hard one, on easy one. It doesn't look nearly so wonky in person.

G-6 Papa's Star

If I have any gumption at the end of this project, I will remake this block. Wonky, no matter how you look at it.



The Quilt Buddy said...

Congratulations on starting a Dear Jane quilt! I admire anyone who is motivated enough to make one. I would attempt to make one but I will be working on my hexagon quilt until I am a grandmother!

You are off to a good start!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Tree said...

Wow. An amazing amount of work! It looks super!

Cathy said...

They all look great! Looks like a lot of hard work too...good luck with it all!