Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Planning day

Bake sweet potatoes
Bake Pumpkin Pie
Brine Turkey
Clean house
Pick BIL up from the airport

Thanks for the suggestions on brine. I ended up tweaking Pioneer Woman's recipe - as I didn't have a couple of the things on hand, but it sure did make my house smell good.

Unfortunately I had to recreate my Thanksgiving Weekend rubric - I think it's floating around the grocery store somewhere. Fortunately, because in doing it I remembered a couple of things I'd forgotten.

I also made up a timeline tomorrow so we can eat around 2.

The only thing left is a trip to the liquor store.



Jems said...

Gretchen you need to learn that the booze stop is the FIRST place on the list. All else follows... lol

MamaMaven said...

Hope the brining goes well. I am guessing its cold enough there to leave it outside or in the garage and be good!

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day!!! *Muah* -BB