Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's not you, it's me.

I'm sorry to have to do this to you.

We've had a great run.

I love the fact that you're just down the street and can, for the most part, cater to my whim. You have one clerk that always seems to have an extra coupon for me when I forget mine. But I've noticed a few things lately. First off, the lines - there is a line for just about anything: cutting, checking out, returns, to ask a simple question. Or perhaps it's the deliberate-ness of your actions that leaves me wanting, or maybe the surly expression while you do it. I understand that you can only do so much.

Today, though, I think I've finally had enough.

Upon checking out and realizing that my 40% off coupon had expired four days ago, you threw me a snotty look and said, "Sorry!"

I went to the "Customer Service" counter and waited again. A clerk stepped up and asked if I had a return, no, I said, but I have a question. I nicely asked if I could go home, get my valid 40% off coupon and have a price adjustment. The clerk looked to her senior counterpart with a questioning glance.

"Well, we can't stop her."

Oh. I see. Thank-you-very-little.

I turned on heel, waited in line again so I could have my fabric measured, and proceeded to wait in line to made my return.

You see, Joann's, this probably won't even register a blip on your radar. But that's ok. Will you miss my business? Probably not. That's ok too. Should I be this upset about $7.43? No. I know better than that.

But for right now, I think we need to take a "break."

After all, what happens on a break doesn't really count.



Builder Mama said...

And that pretty much sums up MY last experience at JoAnn's. It must be company policy!

Shanna said...

I understand completely!! I boycotted my town's branch a while back and didn't go for about 5 months. I drove 30 minutes to the next town's Joannes which seems to have the best staff. About 2 weeks ago I had to go the the one in town for couldn't be helped...I needed thread in the worst way. The manager from the other store was there and had revolutionized the place. It was amazing to see more than 2 staffers there at one time. Anyway. There is hope!!

Mayberrys said...

I totally understand, and would do the same thing. I'd also write a letter to corporate about the decline in the level of service. In this economy, I bet you get a response!
(PS - I really, really, really miss Ross and Rachel!!!)

merrymishaps said...

How rude! And I'm sure they recognized you, being the frequent shopper that you are...

Tree said...

That is utterly amazing. I do not think I would have bought a thing at that point.

Jenny said...

Was that the store in Apple Valley?? If it wasn't don't go there either they are just as bad. They seem to have a better staff here (madison) because I haven't had the same problem. UGH, I hate rudness.

Gretchen said...

Jenny - Yes, it was the Apple Valley store.

Tree- It took all my willpower not to throw the $70 bag of stuff I bought on the counter and return it.

Merrymishaps- They did - I'm in there a lot.

mayberrys - I did send an email to the corporate response. We'll see!

Shanna - Here's to hoping! Glad to hear you can stay closer to home now!

Builder Mama- Company policy. Hmmm... I didn't see anything about it on the website. ;)